Women In The word

Women in the Word: A Workshop serves the church by helping women study Scripture in a way that is informed, reasoned, and reverent--strengthening both those who teach and those who study on their own. In large group sessions and interactive study groups, this annual event focuses on women helping women interpret, apply, and present the Bible to others. 


  • World Reformed Fellowship

    "Women in the Word: A Workshop" is a ministry of the World Reformed Fellowship. 

2018 workshop Recordings

the good news about

god's judgement

bible teacher:

kim monroe

2017 Workshop Recordings

Walking in the Truth : Studies in john's letters

Bible Teacher: 

Dr. Karen Jobes

2016 Workshop Recordings

Change the Lens, Change the View: 

How Concentric Contexts Help Us Understand and Apply Scripture

Bible Teacher: 

Libbie groves

2015 Workshop Recordings

The Prayers of Hannah: 

God at Work in the Midst of Suffering

Bible Teacher:

Carrie Sandom

2014 Workshop Recordings

The Sermon that Never Ends: 

Acts 7

Bible Teacher:

Rosemarie Green

2013 Workshop Recordings

Kingdom Rising

Bible Teacher:

Dr. Erika Moore

2012 Workshop Recordings

The Gospel of John: 

Life to the full

Bible Teacher: 

Rosemarie Green

2011 Workshop Recordings


Hope Forged in darkness

bible teacher:

shannon geiger

2010 Workshop Recordings

from shadow to reality:

a study in the book of hebrews

Bible teacher:

libbie groves

2009 Workshop Recordings

bible teacher:

Dr. erika moore

2008 Workshop Recordings

bringing the bible

to life

bible teacher: 

jayne clark