Sanctuary Improvement

At the beginning of this year the Session approved the development of a committee which would explore and report back with a recommendation for improvements with a budget of $45,000. The goals of the committee with Session oversight are to proceed to: 

1. Improve Calvary’s Sanctuary building by updating its aesthetics and comfort.

2. Make changes that can help facilitate worship, and make the Sanctuary a friendly and welcoming space that brings about the desire to linger and fellowship with one another.

3. Design a space which communicates the culture of our church.

Since January our team has met together on seven different occasions. In addition to our group meetings there were dozens of individual and smaller group meetings with various contractors and subcontractors, hours of phone conversations, and hundreds of email correspondences seeking after how the Lord would lead us in what improvements to make. Several other members of the congregation have also served and been consulted for their gifts.

It seemed most appropriate to begin at the first impression of the sanctuary and what seems to be the areas that could be most utilized for facilitating fellowship and building friendships within the body. While we would like to see further work done to the sanctuary building to include adding pew cushioning, accent painting, improving lighting and the flooring in the main sanctuary area, with the amount of money set aside we believe the narthex and lounges are a good area to begin.

A recommendation has been approved by the Session and while we are currently working with an interior designer in choosing colors and finishes, you should begin to see improvements in the ceiling, lighting, flooring, and furnishings of the narthex and side lounges this summer.

Please take time to pray for and encourage all those working on this committee. There have been and continue to be a lot of difficult decisions and conversations as we seek the Lord’s guidance.