If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to visit Calvary (PCA), located in Willow Grove, PA. We believe that the church is a gathering of people who experience the struggles of living in a fallen world, and share a common need for Jesus.


- Pastors Angel Gomez and Mike Sharrett

Our Vision

To Know and Extend the Transforming Love of Jesus Christ


10:30 am

Here are the Details and Guidelines for in-person worship

First and Foremost: Please stay home if you are showing any signs of sickness whatsoever.  We are live streaming the worship services for those who are not able to worship in person.


  -Nothing will be handed out or passed around before or during the service.  

  -Bulletins will be spread out on a table to be picked up.   

  -Elements for Communion will be pre-packaged.

  -Offering plates will be located on the tables as you enter.

  -Bathrooms will be available, but we ask that you and your children use your bathrooms at home prior to coming to reduce the need for church bathrooms.

Distancing: Every other pew is marked to remain vacant.  Please spread out as much as possible.

Face Coverings: We ask that everybody age 3 and older wear a mask inside the building and when in close proximity to others outside.  

Child Care: Please note that there will be no child care or children’s worship offered for the service. Parents coming with young children are asked to make every effort to keep their children with them at all times.  Please see the children's ministry page for new children's worship videos and our plan for children's Sunday school.  

Fellowship: We encourage the use of the outside property for times of fellowship before and/or after the service.

Singing: Singing will be reserved for the end of the service.  

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